Tools and utilities for EPS

eps / electric

  • Consumables
  • EPS accessories
  • Work supports for electronic board repair
  • EEPROM programmers
  • Automatic transistors and diodes analyzers
  • Pincers for small cuts
  • Tools to install bushings
  • Universal removers for bushings
  • Work bench in stainless steel
  • Universal vices
  • Hooks for tables in stainless steel
  • Conical measurers for o-rings and piston rings
  • Quick steel screw-taps and dies
  • Remover for pump pulleys
  • Portable carrying cases for pressure test
  • Professional automotive glue
  • Magnets
  • «Stand-by» storage system
  • Storage system for small electronic components
  • Tube-folding equipment
  • Equipments for keeping test
  • Kit for reparation and overhauling
  • Lamps and spare parts
  • Cases for tools in aluminium
  • Spyglass tool
  • Spyglass tool with camera
  • Wireless recording and monitoring tool
  • Zoom equipment Videozoom 120
  • Electric pens to engrave metals
  • Digital spring testers
  • Test benches for power steering
  • Complete soldering stations
  • Universal centrering devices for torque sensors
  • Test benches for EPS-C, EPS-P, EPS-R
  • Cable repository system

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